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Ira Ingber


Rockin Better After All These Years
author: Sandy Weisberg
This album is the second for Mr. Ingber after 30 years of being a most sought-after studio musician. His current work is phenomenal and awesome like eating a Pink's Chili Dog sober. His production was as smooth as silk and his back-up musicians "tight." I really liked how he tied in the sound of a P 61 Mustang vintage airplane to end "Mr. Parker's Cadillac," the first cut on the album. He used a less well-known Dylan tune which he sung with Bob's unique intonation but made it specially "Iracized." I enjoyed his funky, slide guitar-driven(his performance) instrumental to get up and dance the Hora. It is hard to compare him to anyone like Peter Gabriel cuz he's specially Ira, but if I had to I would say he's the West Coast Paul Simon/Billy Joel. Mazel tov! Ira on rockin better after all these years.
Best album of the year
author: William Yates
I absolutely love this release. It is very well produced and sonically perfect, as all of Ira's projects tend to be. What I love most about this wonderful work, is the manner in which the recordings play out in a chapter by chapter manner such as a book. No two songs are alike and the material is fresh and very entertaining that keeps one anxious to hear the next cut. I am very biased because Ira is a dear friend, but I am also a very serious musician who knows what is listener worthy, and this fine work is absolutely a must have. Treat your ears to some fine sonic nirvana because it's all here.


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Ira Ingber




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