Rockin Better After All These Years

Author: Sandy Weisberg

This album is the second for Mr. Ingber after 30 years of being a most sought-after studio musician. His current work is phenomenal and awesome like eating a Pink’s Chili Dog sober. His production was as smooth as silk and his back-up musicians “tight.” I really liked how he tied in the sound of a P 61 Mustang vintage airplane to end “Mr. Parker’s Cadillac,” the first cut on the album. He used a less well-known Dylan tune which he sung with Bob’s unique intonation but made it specially “Iracized.” I enjoyed his funky, slide guitar-driven(his performance) instrumental to get up and dance the Hora. It is hard to compare him to anyone like Peter Gabriel cuz he’s specially Ira, but if I had to I would say he’s the West Coast Paul Simon/Billy Joel. Mazel tov! Ira on rockin better after all these years.

Best album of the year

Author: William Yates

I absolutely love this release. It is very well produced and sonically perfect, as all of Ira’s projects tend to be. What I love most about this wonderful work, is the manner in which the recordings play out in a chapter by chapter manner such as a book. No two songs are alike and the material is fresh and very entertaining that keeps one anxious to hear the next cut. I am very biased because Ira is a dear friend, but I am also a very serious musician who knows what is listener worthy, and this fine work is absolutely a must have. Treat your ears to some fine sonic nirvana because it’s all here.
Recording: This month’s Spotlight is a masterfully written, crafted and recorded effort from Ira and friends. Rarely have we received a submission that is so strong in so many areas. Our praises start with the writing — Ira has painted a picture here with his words. Close your eyes and you can practically see the story unfold, as if in a movie.
Better still, the music fits the story like a glove. The beautifully recorded piano sets the mood right from the intro, while the dash of NYC street accordion adds flavor and Raya’s voice the longing. Saving the best for last, Ira punctuates his tale with a bluesy acoustic guitar attack in the outro that perfectly captures the angst at story’s end.
We love the tones on all of the instruments, and are happy to report that Ira has achieved a full and present vocal sound without the all-too-frequent compressor/limiter missuse. We were also delighted that the mastering allowed the track to maintain the full spectrum of its dynamic range. Without the shadows and light, a track like this could not succeed. Awesome!
Summary: Grab the popcorn!

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