“I miss the singular focus that music enjoyed in the past. It didn’t have competition for attention like it does now.”

Luna Kafé Review of “Fact Flavored Fiction(s)”

Ira Ingber follows a previous, impressive release with an equally cool follow-up. “Mr Parker’s Cadillac” is an intriguing rootsy tale that recalls the best of John Hiatt. “When is Someday” is a rueful romantic observation with a cool melody to boot. Ingber’s vocals are as expressive as ever. “French Kissing on the Staten Island Ferry” finds romanticism in an unusual yet nit wholly unexpected place. It’s a classic ballad. “You weren’t hiding” ends the album on a good note, Ingber singing of a relationship coming to an end with grace and humility. It’s up-tempo enough to not be depressive. It’s proof of his talent and experience. It’s a great album.

Luna Kafé Review of “Time Sensitive”

Ira Ingber’s past records have all been good, and his new effort is pleasing to the ear as well. “Until Now” is a power poppy song with a sensitive lyric. The vocal is spot on. “I’ve Got My Telechron On” is a song with an intelligent, forward looking lyric about modern forms of communication. There’s s nice rap part. Any song that mentions Nikolai Tesla gets bonus points. “Astrud, It Won’t Be Long” is a sweet bossa-style song that might be a tribute to Astrud Gilberto. “We’ve Got so Far to Fall” is a song with a slight Elvis Costello-feel. It’s a brilliant song on a beautiful album.

Ink 19 Review of “Here Is Where”

Lyrically, though, Ingber is at his strongest. “I’ve got a laugh track in my head/ For all the punchlines that I’m fed,” Ingber sings on “Laugh Track,” recalling Newman’s snappy sarcasm. Another brilliant line is, “I used to be immortal/ But I’ve gotten over that.” Musically and lyrically, Ingber avoids all cliches. This album is never predictable, and I doubt you’ll hear anything like it…